Why most people fail at sales

John Peffer

Having been involved in sales for over 20 years, I have seen so many great sales people, but even more people fail at sales. Most people think sales is very easy and you will make a ton of money. The truth of the matter is 80% of folks in sales barely survive. It’s the top 20% that shine and really enjoy what they are doing.
The common denominator of the top 20% is they are self-motivated control freaks that will do whatever it takes to make their clients happy. They put their client before themselves and their employer. They are true entrepreneurs and motivated by the green bucks that goes with closing deals. They love talking with their clients and love seeing their name on top.
OK, so why do some many people fail? It’s simple they don’t put the effort into building their business or maintaining their business. Remember, great sales people treat their job as their own business. Owning your own business requires constant attention and endless hours of dedication. You cannot expect to build a business on a part-time basis it will never work. Once again, having been in sales for over 20 years, I don’t recall ever taking a real vacation as I always had my clients on the back of my mind. Clients know when you are on their side, they understand when you are working for them.
Complacency is another reason why sales people fail. I was told that you always need to fill the pipeline. All clients have a lifespan and if you are not filling those clients that leave evidently the well will dry up. Top sales reps still prospect even when business is great. They don’t rest on their laurels and don’t spend beyond their means. Top sales reps don’t think they are too good to prospect.
I remember a senior sales rep coming into my office and saying that he was struggling and needed help. I asked what the problem was he said he wasn’t making enough money to cover his bills. I asked the rep how many appointments he was booking a week and he said 1-2. I then asked him when things were good how many appointments was he booking a week. He replied 7-10. Here lies the problem, Top sales reps treat every day like their first day.
Goals are another reason why sales reps fail. They don’t hold themselves accountable for their individual goals. They put blame on everyone else except themselves. The only person that can change a failing sales person is the sales rep themselves. All too often, it’s just a lack of motivation and burning desire to succeed.
Everyone can change, but change to most people is extremely difficult. If you truly want to succeed in sales, change your daily routine. Walk into the office and call your top 20 clients first thing and continue down the list each day thereafter. Repeat the process day and day out and soon you will be a top sales rep.

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