New Wearable Tech

Fitness bands and trackers were certainly the first wearable tech to gain mass attention. After fitness bands started taking off an abundance of wearable tech devices came right behind them. Every gadget has different benefits including; sport enhancements, healthcare, video games, attraction connections and even more. Wearable technology is at the cusp of innovation. Take a look at some of the latest wearable tech gadgets for 2017!


Neebo is a gadget that attaches to your baby’s wrist, making it able to monitor vitals through the app you install on your smartphone.






Universal Orlando’s Volcano bay guests will be able to wait in line virtually while playing in other parts of the park. This gadget also allows you to trigger special effects throughout the park.  Summer 2017





This bicycle helmet has built in earphones so you may safely listen to music or a GPS, while not blocking out any background sounds. It also tracks your mileage, and has a collision detector. In case you get into an accident it will notify a loved one.





This smart sleep mask has noise cancellation technology. The Smart Mask uses sub-wavelength technology to counter the noise from your snoring. So that everyone around you can sleep soundly.






These glasses have an accelerometer, gyroscope, humidity sensor and a barometer. It is a voice-activated real-time coach in your ear. You can also pair the glasses with many different sensors which include power meters, heart rate monitor, foot pods, speed and cadence sensors. The glasses connect to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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