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As Technology evolves and new and interesting devices keep coming out, a lot of those devices are headed toward the classroom. The amount of devices used in classrooms has been increasing over the years. A recent survey of 2,500 educators, 60% of teachers expect to use more technology in the classroom than in the past. Three out of four say they use some sort of technology each day in class, about 80% reporting that technology is a positive in the classroom. Here are some of these new technologies being used!

Interactive whiteboards or SMART boards are interactive boards that use touch detection for user input. It makes board lessons more dynamic, exciting, and interactive. They can instantly re-visit and review lessons from previous days or months. Usually, smart boards are seen in Elementary School.

Chromebooks are another up and coming classroom device. Chromebooks are essentially small laptops which also provide educators with control over student’s activities and can be programmed with educational apps. Chromebooks are used for everything from group work to spreadsheets, to research educational information. Chromebooks are most useful in schools where students don’t have internet or devices at home.

Another major technology that is in a lot of schools currently and soon to be more is 3D printing. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. This technology is always evolving, using all different kinds of materials from glass to plastic to metal. Healthcare is also taking advantage of the 3D printer. Its educational purpose is almost limitless.

There are so many different technologies and devices that can benefit to help students learn more efficiently and actually get involved. Why not embrace it and help students learn better with new more interactive tools and technology.

3D Printing Glass

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