It’s that time again for a good Spring Cleaning! Whether it is cleaning out the attic, or your wardrobe, a spring clean can do us all the world of good. Take some time and think about your technology. Here are a few tips on how to clear out your digital junk this springtime.


Delete Old Files

Have you been through your documents folder on your PC, laptop or tablet recently and noticed that you don’t know what half of the files even are? It’s time to give that folder a good clean out. Delete all the old files that are no longer of any use to you. This will free up memory space for new data and files for the rest of the year. While cleaning out your files remember to back up any important documents on to a memory stick or back up programs.

Contacts Lists

Take a look at your contacts in your mobile phone book. If there are a few names that don’t ring a bell it’s time to delete and clear these out, freeing up more space on your device! The same can be done with your social networking accounts. How many of us are actually friends with all of our ‘friends’ on Facebook? Deleting friends, you don’t contact or at least unsubscribe from certain posts to reduce clutter on your news feed.

Download Photos and Videos

Save photos and videos from your camera or phone onto your hard drive, deleting them from your device. Once here you can organize them into folders and delete the photos and videos you don’t want to keep. Then make sure to back these up by saving them onto a USB stick or on to free programs like Apple’s iPhoto & Google Drive.

Get Rid of Old Devices

There are plenty of great ways to sell, recycle or donate your old devices. To make a bit of cash why not try to sell your unwanted device on Done Deal, Gazelle or eBay. If you’re not having much luck there you can always recycle your device. Lots of organizations accept mobile phones and printer cartridges which they recycle and then donate the money from this to charity.


Your browser is one of people’s most used resources. You can bookmark a website you like or find useful. It is a handy and convenient feature. However, bookmarks can start to add up and become a mess. Take a look at your bookmarks and delete any you don’t need or use anymore.


This seems like a no-brainer. Yet so many people make a cluttered mess of a computer desktop. If you want to work better, have a simple and effective desktop. Stick with a few folders and programs that you frequently use.

Keyboard and Mouse

We use our keyboard and mouse regularly. For many, these are the most commonly used items in their life. Think of how often you use your keyboard and mouse. Now think of how often you clean them. Clean your keyboard and your mouse regularly.


The monitor is the main visual interface of a computer, laptop, or mobile device. It’s what allows you to see the good stuff you logged on to a computer for in the first place. Do yourself a favor. Have a crisp, clear view. Clean your monitor. Remember to use the proper supplies so you don’t scratch or damage your monitor in any way.
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