Programmable Thermostats

programmable thermostat can help save energy and your wallet. It’s very useful during these hot summer months. The thermostats allow you to schedule the air conditioner on and off whenever you need it! You can even control them from your smartphone.

In fact, it’s estimated that turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day helps save about 10 percent on your yearly heating and cooling costs.

Smart Home Shades

Closing your window shades during the hottest hours of the day helps keeps out the heat and reduces energy spent on the AC. But, who can remember to shut those annoying shades every single morning? Smart home shades solve this problem by automatically closing whenever you decide.

You can program your shades to close during the day’s peak temperature, and then reopen once the air cools off. These shades help keep your home at a comfortable temperature and allow you to keep the house cool even when you can’t get to it.

Sprinkler Controllers

The weather in New England is unpredictable. Especially where Netria is located in Exeter, NH. In some regions, it’s sunny for hours and then suddenly storming, or even snowing! These sudden changes make it difficult to plan when your lawn needs to be watered, luckily, there are smart sprinklers that makes it much easier.

Smart sprinkler controllers keep an eye on the weather forecast to monitor for rain. Based on the forecast, the sprinkler controller will decide whether your lawn needs watering that day and how much. These devices help conserve water and save money. Plus, most devices already work with existing irrigation systems.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

Are you an outdoor entertainer? Many homeowners leave their outdoor lights on at all hours, wasting tons of energy. Try an outdoor lighting system! They have sensor lights that only activate when motion is detected. Or, you can set a schedule for them. Either way, your outdoor lights will only turn on when its necessary.

Smart devices can help make the most out of your summer. Contact an Account manager today to see what kind of Smart deals we have! or Call us at (603) 772-7122


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