Feeding The Hungry & Reducing Food Waste With Technology

By Shawna Anderson

When there is an over abundance of food in America, there should be no reason for anyone to go hungry. Since nearly half of all food that is produced ends up in landfills, this is a major issue. Last November, 412 Food Rescue out of Pittsburgh, PA launched the “Food Rescue Hero App” which is free and available to anyone on ITunes and Google Play. The app, with it’s built in navigation system, directs volunteers to the pick up location. Once the donation is delivered, the non profit recipient signs the app to show that the delivery was completed.
Another all-volunteer, non profit organization; Community Plates, is following suite. Community Plates, founded in Norwalk, CT in 2011 recently changed their name to Food Rescue US coinciding with their new generation app called FRUS. With FRUS, volunteers are able to self schedule on demand and pre scheduled food rescues.
Lastly, Copia, a tech-enabled food recovery company out of California also uses its own web and mobile platform to rescue food. Copia recently announced a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers’ on site restaurant company Bon Appetit to recover it’s left over food. Using real time technologies, these companies are able to coordinate with restaurants, grocers, bakeries and other food service organizations who have left over food destined for the landfill and deliver it to soup kitchens, food pantries and other non profits to feed people in need. If we rescued 15% of good food from being wasted and redirect it to community food programs, it would be enough to feed 25 million Americans. We all need to do our part. Small steps from each of us can go a long way. To find out more about these organizations or how you can help, visit their websites: https://www.gocopia.com/, foodrescue.us, and 412foodrescue.org.

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