Casey Takes India

By Casey Mancuso

Recently I had the opportunity to travel with 9 others to a number of different cities and villages in southern India for a missions project. Starting in Hyderabad, we traveled to 10 different cities in 14 days. There I worked with a number of children’s homes, leprosy clinics and rescue homes for girls who have been rescued from human trafficking rings. India currently holds 1.3 billion people and is a land of extreme poverty, corruption and disease. Over the course of two weeks we traveled to a number of orphanages finding out what their needs were and how we could help. The orphans ranged from kids with HIV, to kids who were rescued from human trafficking, to kids who were just not wanted by their parents. We provided them with new clothes, shoes, arts and crafts and loved on them the best we could. We played games, sang songs and told them stories to try and put smiles on their faces and it totally worked! We were even lucky enough to take two homes out shopping for the day, that was crazy and chaotic but so rewarding.

This experience was absolutely life changing and mind blowing in every way imaginable. I knew I would be shocked when I got there, but I had no idea how shocked. There were moments were I couldn’t control the tears or even come up with words as to what I was witnessing. I didn’t even know environments like this existed. The thing that astonished me the most was that even though these people had nothing or next to nothing, they were the happiest people I have ever met. The only time I saw sad faces was when we left. I definitely have a new appreciation for living in America, I have absolutely nothing to complain about here.

I am counting down the days until I can get back there. Its funny, I went there to make a difference in their lives and in turn the people of India changed mine forever.

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    I know that trip meant a lot to you, and I’m positive you made a difference in those children’s lives as well. You’re always putting people before yourself, and you do so with a smile!