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As I stepped into Jordan’s furniture in Reading Massachusetts, it was to my surprise that the room was completely decorated floor to ceiling with jelly beans. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting walking into what I thought was a furniture store that happened to have an IMAX theater in it. After being genuinely impressed by the colorful water fountain light show and almost full sized houses for children to play in, I made my way to the movie theater. If I wasn’t’ with someone who knew where to go, I would have circled the place for an hour to figure it out. The only other entrance was a very expensive looking furniture store, which I wouldn’t even attempt to buy a lamp in. As we walked through all the perfectly arranged bedrooms and bathroom setups we finally made it to the theater entrance. I stepped up to the counter and bought one ticket for an IMAX show to see Star Wars. I realized the price of my ticket would be a small amount more than a regular movie. The standard cost of a regular movie is $11.50 plus a service charge of $1.25 which totals $12.75 without tax.  Though I hadn’t been to a movie in a while, I wanted the famous IMAX experience. Without hesitation I bought my ticket which was $12.00 plus a service charge of $3.25 without tax, totaling $15.25 for a single ticket. Good thing I had a large purse filled with snacks from the dollar store or it would have cost me $6.00 for a small popcorn and $4.25 for a tiny box of snow caps. I’d risk being thirsty over paying $4.00 for a small drink or get a 3-inch cup to put a splash of water in. Now I understand you go to the movies for the experience and the culture, but for two people to go to a regular movie and get a small popcorn and a drink costs around $36.00 dollars. To splurge and go to an IMAX would be about $42.00 for two people. Can you imagine adding 3 kids into that?

The movie theater experience has advanced leaps and bounds. Some theaters, like this one, have enormous comfy chairs that recline. The only catch is you have to spend a chunk of change to watch a movie you could watch at your house. Are we starting to take away the option of going to a normal movie theater? Don’t get me wrong the IMAX experience was excellent and I actually felt like I was in the movie. What if I don’t need all of the special treatment and just want to go out to watch a movie? And leave only paying $25.00, with popcorn included? All while sitting in normal theater chairs and watching the traditional big screen. I’ve seen theaters get bigger and bigger and cost more and more. But will it eventually get so big a young person can’t even afford to go to a movie? We can have the crazy theaters with all the special features but we still need to keep the normal ones that don’t cost a fortune.

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