Netria Sourcing Solutions Coupled with Reliable Customer Service 

Netria is guided by a clear set of values and principles that are defined in our corporate philosophy. We understand the needs of VAR’s, integrators and distributors and therefore focus on quality, price, and trust.

Who we are:

  • We hire great people and expect a great deal from them
  • We cultivate a challenging and energetic work environment
  • We value diversity in people and ideas, treat people with fairness and respect
  • We honor commitments
  • We value transparency, while communicating with trust and respect of confidentiality
  • We base our decisions on relevant data
  • We encourage our staff to have fun and enjoy spending time together
  • We help our employees flourish and grow; we celebrate both professional and personal growth


What we do:

  • We make life easier for our customers and help them save or make more money
  • We practice agile methods – rapidly and consistently delivering big wins in small stages
  • We gratefully accept customer feedback


How we act:

  • We do the right thing with honesty and integrity as guiding forces in all we do
  • We think and act like an underdog, humble when successful and learning from our failures
  • We strive to continuously improve
  • We inspire to greatness, aiming high, thinking big, but executing on today’s goals
  • We have a healthy disregard for the impossible