Sharing the world with robots – What will it look like?

To begin to comprehend this question and seek out answers, let’s look at the past. The 18th Century was dominated by the agricultural revolution. The 19th and 20th centuries were dominated by the industrial revolution, and the 21st century has become the information/computer tech revolution. The tipping point for the robotics revolution occurred in 2014, […]

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It’s the Little Things


As some of you know, last January I was able to journey across India for two weeks. In my previous blog, I wrote about how we spent time at a number of children’s homes. Our last day in India was spent at a home in a more southern part of India, the Bhuvanagiri district, in […]

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The 4000 Footer Club


As a young kid, I remember most of my friends were heading to cape cod, Plum Island or some other beach location to enjoy their summer weekends or vacation. Not me. My father would drag myself and my siblings up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to go camping and hiking. I was so […]

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Whats New In Tech


Fitness bands and trackers were certainly the first wearable tech to gain mass attention. After fitness bands started taking off an abundance of wearable tech devices came right behind them. Every gadget has different benefits including; sport enhancements, healthcare, video games, attraction connections and even more. Wearable technology is at the cusp of innovation. Take […]

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Have Smartphones Changed Photography Forever?


Mobile photography is one of the most ground-breaking aspects of the smartphone revolution. The invention of the smartphone camera has changed the world of photography. Sure, you can use an HD Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera and take spectacular pictures. You can also use an iPhone 7 plus with an f/1.8 28mm wide-angle lens […]

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Why Six Bucks for a Popcorn?


As I stepped into Jordan’s furniture in Reading Massachusetts, it was to my surprise that the room was completely decorated floor to ceiling with jelly beans. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting walking into what I thought was a furniture store that happened to have an IMAX theater in it. After being genuinely impressed […]

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What the Heck is Weird Ware?

The days of IT reseller’s only providing servers, printers and computer peripherals have passed. As margins have decreased and end users have started requiring “one stop” solution providers to provide a wide variety of products, VARs are now supplying a wide range of products that they have not traditionally sourced from their normal distribution channels. […]

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Feeding The Hungry & Reducing Food Waste with Technology


When there is an over abundance of food in America, there should be no reason for anyone to go hungry. Since nearly half of all food that is produced ends up in landfills, this is a major issue. Last November, 412 Food Rescue out of Pittsburgh, PA launched the “Food Rescue Hero App” which is […]

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Casey Takes India


Recently I had the opportunity to travel with 9 others to a number of different cities and villages in southern India for a missions project. Starting in Hyderabad, we traveled to 10 different cities in 14 days. There I worked with a number of children’s homes, leprosy clinics and rescue homes for girls who have […]

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