5 Tech New Years Resolutions


Other than your normal eat less, stop buying things you don’t need resolutions, remember to throw in some tech resolutions to simplify your life and protect your personal information.

  1. If 2017 taught you anything about technology, it’s that you need to protect your personal data and devices. The ransomware known as WannaCry affected more than 200,000 Windows computers in 150 countries. The thing is, Microsoft had already released an update that would have prevented the malware from hurting anyone. So UPDATE your software. Keep these components up to date with the latest software, and you will be safer than most.

  1. Detox your inbox. Are you one of those people who have 3,456 spam or social emails in your inbox that you’ve never had any interest in opening? Well, most of the time more than half of these emails you’re subscribed to without even knowing. Take a couple days a week and unsubscribe from these random emails you don’t need. After a couple weeks you will see a significantly less amount of emails.


  1. Delete apps you don’t need. There are always apps you don’t remember downloading and could be taking your information without you knowing. These are 3rd party apps you forget about in 2016 that can be leeching off your personal information. They can even suck up battery life. As well as many GPS apps track your location even when not using the app. You need to specifically go into settings and shut it off.


  1. Protect your Devices. Smartphones have become incredibly fast, look amazing and are much pricier. The iPhone X costs upward of $999, and the Galaxy Note 8 costs around $950. But watch out, even though the phones look and work better than ever, their durability hasn’t changed. Get a case or screen protector. Better yet, both! You don’t want to drop your phone walking into the house and have that amazing looking screen shatter.



  1. Back up your data. We all know we should back up our data, but how many of us actually do it? Don’t wait until you drop your phone in a toilet, or spill coffee on your laptop. No matter how you do it, make it happen. Upgrade your iCloud, use an external hard drive, download an application, just use one! 2018 should be the year we don’t lose anything!
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